WILW: Here Comes the Sun

    It's my first WILW :) Write a list of things you are loving today and link up!

    I'm loving...the fact that both of the classes I subbed in today were fun and well-behaved.

    I'm loving...that it was someone's birthday in one of the classes so we all got peanut butter bars! Yum!

    I'm loving...that I have jobs lined up for the next 3 school days. Yay, money.

    (Ok, that's the last one about work, I promise.)

    I'm loving...the wedding countdown that theknot.com shows me every time I log on. 178 days <3

    I'm loving...the weather. It was rainy this morning, but turned into quite a lovely day. Here's a fun song to play while you're driving with the windows down :)

    I'm loving...that JD found Grey's Anatomy on Hulu.com. We got a free trial so we could catch up on this seasons' episodes.

    I'm loving...that I got my cousin's wedding invitation in the mail yesterday. This will be my first time as a bridesmaid :) I'm excited to participate in her special day.

    Happy Wednesday to all!


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