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    I'm just going to come right out and say it- I love television. If you ask my fiance and I what our favorite thing to do together is, we would say watch TV. I don't stick to a rigid schedule, so you won't necessarily find me sitting on my couch at the following times, but I also don't own a if I miss a show, I rely on re-runs and Hulu to get me back on track. The following list includes the shows that I watch on a regular basis.
     This show gets a lot of negative press, but I enjoy it. I've always enjoyed documentary-style reality TV that highlights a lifestyle vastly different from my own...hence practically all the shows on this list! I realize many of you may not agree with the Browns' lifestyle, but they aren't hurting you! I would never want to be a sister wife, but that doesn't mean that I don't think consenting adults can do whatever they please, as long as the multiple marriages (only one of which is legal, btw) aren't damaging to themselves or their children. Tune in may just change your mind about this family!

    Totally unnecessary TV, I get that. However, I enjoy lusting after their awesome hair and laughing at Scott's antics.

     This show is heartwarming and inspiring! I didn't start watching until a couple episodes ago and I'm already hooked. I wish I would've watched Season 1. Wellsprings Academy of the Carolinas is a boarding school for overweight teens. Not only do they take regular education classes, but they also learn about nutrition and participate in physical activities that are way cooler than normal gym classes- paintballing, Tae Bo, roller skating, and Dance Dance Revolution are just a few of the activity options! *SPOILER ALERT*...On the most recent episode Tanisha hit the amazing benchmark of 200lb lost! I almost cried.

    Ahhh, They get you hooked with all the unanswered questions. Quick summary: 4 former best friends reunite 1 year after one of their friends goes missing. The discovery of her body leads them to bond over trying to figure out who killed her, while the mysterious "A" blackmails them. Side stories include their family troubles and relationship drama. Totally a teeny-booper soap opera...which is why it's so amazing :)

    Why this show is great needs no explanation. It's about cupcakes! Each show, 4 bakers compete to have their cupcakes showcased at a major event (which is different every time). They must make it through levels in which they are challenged to bake cupcakes that are judged on their taste and presentation. Judging this show would be the best job ever (other than being Vanna White).

    Yes, more trash TV. But once I started watching 16 & Pregnant 3 seasons ago, I've been addicted. I got invested in these girls' stories and had to see them through. Background information: One girl was showcased on each episode of 16 & Pregnant Season 1. After that aired, a few girls were chosen for Teen Mom Season 1. Then came another season of 16 & Pregnant, and thus Teen Mom 2. Another season of 16 & Pregnant begins April 19th @ 10/9c on MTV! I don't believe that these shows are making teen girls get pregnant (they and their baby daddys are responsible for that are doing that), so I'll definitely be tuning in!

    Modern Family is THE best sitcom on television right now. It's humor is clean and it's basis is modern, yet classic. Each week, Modern Family takes you inside fictional homes where families deal with real problems (ie. the definition of a sitcom). However, this extended family is by far the most entertaining. I promise you, you will laugh...a lot.

    Extreme Couponing (Premieres April 6th) 2 9/8c on TLC
    I cannot say anything positive or negative about this show yet, as it doesn't premiere for another week. I can say that I'm looking forward to learn how a women bought $646 worth of groceries and only paid $6.46. That's impressive.

    Hoarding: Buried Alive @ 10/9c on TLC
    This show will make your jaw drop. The shear amount of sh*t that these people stuff inside their homes is mind boggling! Each episode, a psychologist and a professional organizer (my dream job...but that's for a future post) are brought in to help a family or individual get their hoarding under control. Usually, the homeowner is reluctant to throw anything away, which, again, is mind boggling. When you can't sit on your coach, sleep in your bed, or use your oven because you've collect too much stuff, I would think you would be okay with throwing away an old McDonald's cup.

    I usually watch only re-runs of this show, since it airs on Friday nights. It usually runs on Saturday and Sunday mornings around 9 or 10. Each episode, four brides compete to win a honeymoon to a mystery destination. They all attend each others' big days and rate them on overall experience, food, venue, and dress. Since I am currently planning my own wedding, I enjoy seeing all the flowers, bridesmaids' dresses, and venues.

    What do you sit down to watch every week?

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