Top 10 Tuesday

    Top Ten {Tuesday}

    Top 10 Pet Peeves/General Annoyances 
    (in no particular order)

    1. Stray shopping carts. The extra 20 steps it takes to walk the cart to the corral will not kill you.

    2. The way Hollywood distorts female body image. Below is a picture of the actress who starred in Soul Surfer, AnnaSophia Robb, and the real "soul surfer", Bethany Hamilton. They are both gorgeous girls, buuuut the girl that is shown to the world is a size 2 while the athlete she is portraying is a size 10. Obviously I'm guessing on both of these...How would I know? I get that the camera adds 10 pounds and most actresses are itty bitty so they look 'normal' on camera. When these two girls stood beside each other at the CMA's, it just caught me off guard...

    (picture found here)
    3. Being put on hold for so long that you hear the recording of elevator music and advertisements 1,000 times. I got my dad a 3-month subscription to Sirius XM Radio for Christmas. The day before it was to expire, I called Sirius and told them to cancel it so it wouldn't automatically renew (which is another pet peeve, now that I think about it). Anyway, they cancelled it, but now I'm getting calls from them daily about renewing. In order to get your number put on the do-not-call list, you have to call them. I attempted this and gave up after 15 minutes on hold. I guess I should just answer them next time and tell them never to call me ever again. But I know that will just result in a billion questions "confirm your address....confirm your phone number...why is it that you don't want to renew?...would you be interested in hearing about deals and specials in the future?...blah, blah, blah!

    4. When dentists/dental hygienists try to converse with you during a dental exam. Um, you have a mirror and a scraper in my mouth and I'm trying to not choke on my own spit, I can't really answer you right now.
    5. Almost all Facebook applications. Farmville, Frontierville, Daily Horoscopes, Find your Top Stalker, See who Views your Profile, etc. I DO NOT CARE.
    6. Vegetarians who eat meat. I realize that there are some who eat fish, others who just say no to red meat, etc. I have a problem with the ones who say they're vegetarian to get attention and then go eat a hamburger a week later. I know people like this. Talk about hypocrites. 

    7. People who hate cats. The only reason I have for this is that I love cats. 
    (picture found here)

    8. People who don't use turn signals. I would have LOVED to know that you were turning so that I could have also turned.

    9. Bad grammar. I did a previous post about this so I won't rant too much. Using double negatives is always a no-no. As is using mis-matched subjects and verbs.

    10. Politics. I am so not interested and I daydream during political conversations. I don't believe there is any "right" way to handle our country's situation. There are pros and cons to every solution and you can't please everyone. If we were all a little more selfless, we might make some headway. Until you run for President, stop complaining about what our leader is doing wrong.

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     I'll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite Hollywood icons, Audrey Hepburn.


    Happy Tuesday, everyone! 

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