a list & a plan

    I've chosen 11 goals from my 101 Things in 1001 Days list to work on this month. Italicized goals have already been started, goals marked with "SK" belong only to me (as opposed to JD being in on these also). I have added notes in red to specify what I would like to accomplish in the next 28 days!

    (17)Go vegetarian for 1 week-SK- Anybody have good vegetarian recipes? I'm pretty much going into this blind. I guess I should do some research first...
    (24)Donate 20 articles of clothing
    (33)Give up coffee and fast food for Lent- SK (started on 3/9/11
     [this picture violates both my Lent rules and is quite tempting :( ]

    (36)Answer the "50Questions That Will Free Your Mind"-SK- I would like to fully answer 2 of these.
    (51)Find a new job-SK- This is an ongoing process and obviously depends on the availability of jobs. More specifically, my goal is to search and apply for any available jobs.
    (62)Take Bert to the vet
     [how adorable is he??]

    (69)Send mail to someone each month for a year-SK- I plan on writing one of my bridesmaids a letter this month :)
    (76)Attend a roller-derby match
     [super excited for this]

    (86)Blog at least twice a week for 6 months-SK
    (88)Get caught up on scrapbooking-SK- Finish the college volleyball pages and start work on the sorority pages.
    (89) Organize recipes-SK
     [this organizer from Kaboodle is cute!]

    Ready, set, go! What are your short-term goals for April?

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