two of my favorite things....

    ...are WEDDINGS and FOOD!

    First up, 
    What I Ate Wednesday :)

    Here are some meals from this past week....




    Lunch and Dinner: (this thing was HUGE!)

    And I'm going to make some whole wheat pancakes with strawberries and blueberries after I post this! My tummy is rumbling for them :)
    I'm also declaring today
    Wedding Wednesday!
    There are so many things on my wedding To-Do List. Here are just a few:

    - make final decisions about flowers
    I know I want orange, plum, and sangria (think wine or a purple-y maroon) colors in the bridesmaid's bouquets. JD and I will be completely black and white/ivory. My bouquet will be white/ivory roses and calla lilies:
    (picture found here)

    And JD's boutonniere (I still have not learned how to spell that. Spell check saves me every time!) will be either a white rose or a white calla lily:
    (pictures found here and here)

    - find shoes
     Ivory. Heel, but not a death sentence. Some sparkles would be nice also.

    - complete registry
     The last decision that needs to be made is about china. JD and I currently have no need for fancy dinnerware, but I also don't want to get boring dishes either (we have those already!). Right now I'm learning towards this set because it can be used every day, but wouldn't look too casual at a holiday dinner.

    - reserve hotel rooms for guests
    Determining how many people will want to stay overnight is difficult. We're counting everyone out of town. But what about in town (or 90 min or less away) who we're pretty sure will be drinking all night? Our number could be pretty high :-P
    - buy rings
    Our favorites so far are:
     (from Jared's)

    - meet with baker
    Our cake is included in our venue price so we need to find out exactly what we can get and what is extra. 
    - decide on centerpieces for reception  
    This is shaping up to be the hardest decision yet...and I'm not really sure why! Maybe because putting flowers at every table will be a tad more expensive than we had hoped. And candles and those round mirrors are so...ordinary. Hmmm....

    - make pew decorations
    Bows out of organza ribbon? Tiny bouquets? I need to do more research on this!
    - print invitations
     Those are not our names but our wording will be the same. We got the invitations from Jo Ann's. That's right, the craft store. They may not be at high quality as the ones that cost $4 apiece, but they get the job done...and I think they're cute! They're from a company called Wilton and the Word templates make them super easy to print at home.

    - buy more mason jars and decide how to label/decorate them
    Our favor is a candy table and each guest will get one of these mason jars to fill up.

    Every Wednesday, I'll share some of my wedding tasks with you :) Any feedback would be appreciated!

    <3 Happy Wednesday!

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