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    I've been super focused on job searching lately. There have been several openings in my license area (age 6-13, all 4 core subjects). Whether this is because of collective bargaining rights being taken away from teachers in the state of WI (not familiar with this issue? go here) or not, I don't really care! Unfortunately, I'm entering this field at a difficult time. Schools are cutting positions and lowering pay due to budget deficits. I can only hope that I find a full-time position for this next school year. JD lovingly reminded me yesterday that my substitute teacher paycheck qualifies me as living in poverty. Thanks hon :-P 

    Here's a little background on my situation...
    Before even graduating college, I had a job offer to teach 7th grade Language Arts in a rural Ohio school district. My amazing cooperating teacher from student teaching arranged for me to have an interview with the middle school principal in her children's district. At the same time, I was wrestling with a life-changing decision- whether or not to accompany JD as he started his career in Wisconsin. I knew in my heart that I would regret starting our post-college lives away from one another, so I chose to go. My parents were not happy with the situation, but supported me with only a few "I love you, but..." comments! The day after I made this decision, my phone rang. I turned down the job. As I told the principal that I appreciated the offer, but I was no longer available, my heart was beating out of my chest and I was shaking-- What was I doing?? 

    I immediately started researching teaching licenses in Wisconsin and school districts in the Madison area. Things started moving very fast...about a month later we graduated, a couple weeks after that we got engaged, and 5 days later we moved northwest! I spent the summer job searching and was able to get a position as a middle school volleyball coach and then as a substitute teacher. I know I am blessed to at least have some sort of income, as there are people out there who don't have any. I actually think I want a job more so I can say 'I'm a teacher' then for the money (heck, we all know teachers don't do what they do for the money!) I'm afraid to even tell you how many jobs I'm applying for because if I don't even get interviews, I'll feel like such a failure. I'm trying to keep my head up and remember to have faith in God's plan.

    Ok, enough of this serious stuff!

    I was browsing Etsy the other day and found these
    picture found here

    For some reason, I've always wanted twins. Identical twin girls. I even had names for them- Sierra and Savannah. I've since changed the names, but that's not the point. The point is how adorable these onesies are! I showed JD and said "this is another reason why we need to have twins". I'm not sure what the other reasons are, besides the fact that I want them. He just rolled his eyes.

    Then I found another set
    picture found here

    I said that I would settle for kids no more than 2 years apart, so they could wear these.

    Cute outfits are totally reasonable things to plan your family around, right?

    This being said, we're going to get married first. I've already made you read a lot today, so I'll just leave a link to our wedding website. Click through to read our love story if you wish :)

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