nom, nom, nom...

    Here are some meals for this past week:
    Baked tilapia, cheesy hash brown casserole, stir fry veggies and orzo pasta


    Turkey Vegetable Chili Mac
    Recipe from...

    How lazy am I to take a picture instead of typing out the recipe? haha

    I follow recipes to the T when I bake, but not so when I cook. Here are a few things I changed about this recipe:
    1. Less onion, probably about 1/4 cup
    2. No garlic
    3. No beans
    4. Fresh chopped tomatoes instead of canned ones. I added 2 T water make up for not having the tomato juice.
    5. Almost half a packet of taco seasoning instead of 1 tsp. Mexican seasoning
    6. I used boxed Mac 'n Cheese, including the powered cheese, instead of plain elbow macaroni 

    There ya go! Get these ingredients and make this noooow! SO DELICIOUS :)
    KFC. I know it's bad for me, but look at how small I kept the portions! Yay me!


    Toast with peanut butter and scrambled eggs with cheese and ham

    All of these meals were great, but the BEST thing I ate this week (by far) was a red velvet cupcake from Gigi's Cupcakes.
    I only ate half the icing (cream cheese, mmm!), but you better believe I considered stuffing the rest into my mouth when JD wasn't looking ;-)

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