It's a Fabulous Fashion Friday :)

    Today is fabulous because JD and I are heading home to Ohio. Yes, Wisconsin is where I live, Ohio is where I'm from. Big difference :) I'm so excited to see my family and this bundle of joy:

     <3 Chloe

     Here is what I'd like to wear on a road trip:
    We have 10 hours in the car today, but, unfortunately, the only items off this list that I have are a zip up hoodie and knock-off (not Ugg) slippers. I like to dress for comfort when I'm riding because the only people who see me are JD, gas station attendants, fast food workers, and random citizens. All of which I'll never see again, except for JD...but he loves me no matter what I wear ;-)

    Bag= Tonal Stencil Tote,, $298
    Pants= Victoria's Secret Bootcut Yoga Pant,, $35
    Shoes= Ugg Mokassins Dakota Grey,, $205
    Hoodie= INDEPENDENT Women's Hoodie,, $25
    Hat= Old Navy Women's Logo Twill Old Baseball Cap,, $10
    Shirt= INFAMOUS Number 82 Women's Tee,, $22
    Ring= Disney Couture Tinkerbell 3-part ring-L-gold/pink-L Gold,, $50

    The next few days are going to be a whirlwind of activity. Saturday is JD's sister's graduation and party, Sunday is my cousin's bridal shower, and Monday we have pre-marital counseling with our pastor!
    Other reasons why today is FABULOUS include...

    * is calling for 63-67 degrees (along our route) and sunny today- perfect driving weather!

    *I bought this box of delicious-ness for the drive, along with strawberries, bananas, and trail mix! Yum!
    * I get to try on my wedding dresssss! Ok, so I don't get to do that until tomorrow, but just thinking about is making today fabulous :) No picture because JD reads this occasionally!

    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend :)

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