fashion + fancies + award= long post.

    I previously posted about my search for wedding guest outfits. I'm going to 1 wedding in July and another in September, which I will be speaking in. At my age, I'm hoping to look grown up, but still fashionable. I'm in the awkward too-old-for-the-junior's-section but too-young-for-the-women's-section stage. 70% of dresses I try on are too short. Others are too boob-a-licious. Here are a few that make the "photo sharing" cut!

    (1) The "love child of a zebra and a cheetah" dress- H&M
    Positive(s): I like how flow-y this dress is. The pattern isn't something I would normally wear, but the simple color scheme makes it a little less crazy.
    Negative(s): The material is thin and silky which equals STATIC. I guess I could wear a slip...but does anyone younger than my mother actually wear those things??

    [ignore the bra straps]
    (2) Color block strapless- H&M
    Postive(s):  Versitile. Can be dressed up or down with several different shoes and accessories.
    Negative(s): Boobs are shaped with wire and I don't exactly fill it out. May have to try a size down and hope that the waist still fits.

    [ignore the bra straps again...and the hanger loop]
    (3) Orange sherbet strapless- H&M
    Positive(s): I love the unique color. I also love how I look in it. 
    Negative(s): Too dressy? & I don't think I would ever wear it again.



    This weeks Friday's Fancies with {av} @ {long distance loving} is all about the 3-day weekend!

    I'm a little sad I'll be missing the 73rd Annual Bloom Township Firefighters Fish Fry (in Lithopolis, Ohio). :( I've attended every single year for as long as I can remember. 
    But, my holidays (because what's the fun in celebrating just one day?) will be spent at cookouts & the World's Largest Brat Fest!

    Johnsonville brats + corn on the cob + vodka&lemonade + music + sunshine (on Monday at least) = awesome.

    Here's what I'd like to wear for the festivities:


     The lovely Kristin @ Crown Jewells gave me my very first blogger award!!
    It's so nice to know that not only do people read my blog, but they like it :) Thanks, Miss Jewells!
    Playing along with the rules of the award, here are 10 facts about me:

     [1] my wedding day is 10.1.11.

    [2] i've donated my hair twice.

    [3] nacho cheese may very well be my favorite food.
     don't judge.

    [4] i've never been outside the USA.
     However, JD and I are headed to the Bahamas on a Royal Caribbean Cruise for our honeymoon!!
    [5] i played volleyball in college. 

    [6] i'm currently reading Bridget Jones's Diary (for the first time).
     haven't seen the movie, either.

    [7] i compulsively check my e-mail.
     like, way too often.

    [8] my favorite ice cream is Oatmeal Magic Cookie (vanilla ice cream, oatmeal cookie bits, m&m's, and coconut.
     Gypsy Joe's Ice Cream in Lancaster, Ohio

    [9] my least favorite sport is soccer.
     never had an interest in it. i don't know all the rules (besides the basic get-the-ball-in-the-goal and no-hands). and i have no control over my feet.
    [10] my favorite quote is "There are many things that catch your eye, but few catch your heart- Pursue those!"
    My daddy wrote this on a piece of paper and gave it to me when I was having a frustrating day. It's been my favorite ever since.

    Annnnnd, now I'm passing on this award to 10 other bloggers! I love these ladies and always enjoy reading what they have to say :) 

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    p.s.- click the button!
    pretty please?

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