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    My weekend fun was also at a great price!

    JD and I went to the World's Largest Brat Fest on Saturday :) Let me clarify- the "world's largest" refers to the fest, not a brat. There was not a giant brat. However, the Oscar Meyar Weinermobile was there!



    We ate some delicious Johnsonville brats, corn on the cob, and I had a yummy mango smoothie! We loved it so much, we decided to go back again for lunch on Monday! Memorial Day was a hot one in Madison- 89°! Luckily, I rubbed on the sunscreen. I missed a tiny spot on my neck and it was bright red by the end of the day. JD and I also visited our apartment complex's pool for the first time this season! We're hoping to spend a lot of time there in the next couple months. After experiencing my first Wisconsin winter (which, all-in-all is not that different than winters in Ohio), I am ready to bask in the sun whenever possible!

    And so is my fur baby :)

    He loves laying in this his old bottled water box!

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