random pleasures.

    (1) Pinterest.
    It has taken over my life. Seriously. I log on every time I sit down at my computer. My favorite things to pin are DIY projects, recipes, home organization & decor ideas, and classroom ideas. 
    A few of my recent favorites are:
     brownie-oreo-cookie dessert. yum!

     cute care package idea. definitely sending this to my sister at college in the fall!

     classroom reward system. 

    fabulous upgrade for your bookshelf.

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    (2) Big Rich Texas.
     Such unnecessary drama, but I love it. 
    Check it out on the Style network on Sundays at 9/8c.

    (3) Crafts
    Got the idea for this important dates artwork from (where else?) Pinterest. I added the words in because I'm using it for my wedding slideshow and I wanted people to understand. I'm going to print off one without the words and frame it for my bedroom.

    Our cake topper! I wanted a monogram, but something more unique than the silver letters with bling
    that I see everywhere. So I got a wooden letter, gold glitter tape, wooden hearts, and tape from Michaels (wooden skewers I already had from the grocery store) and got my craft on. Hopefully the baker can find a way to make all three things stand up.

    Our specialty drink signs. They will be cut apart, put in simply black picture frames, and set on the bar.
    P.S. Have you ever had a John Daly (lemonade, sweet tea, vodka)? Dee-lish!
    Groom toasting flute. I still need to add little black dots for the buttons down the front of the shirt. I would show mine, too, but I made it look like my dress and JD reads this blog :)

    Bottom of the toasting flutes.

    Next up on my craft list is:
    Yarn letters! These were made by Sar at [life of love].
    I love this idea. I plan on making an S and a J (and possibly an ampersand if I can find one) and displaying them on the gift table at our reception.

    (4) Animal Print
    Even though I'll be teaching 6th and 7th graders, I'm channeling my love for scrapbooking, themes, and decorating, and making my classroom THEMED!
    I don't want to go over the top....just a few touches here and there.
    I love these bulletin board borders:

    and this gift wrap from The Container Store (also comes in zebra and crocodile!) to be used as a background for a bulletin board or handmade poster. Let me just say that The Container Store may be one of my Top 10 Favorite Places on Earth! It's an organizers heaven. And, apparently, they have adorable wrapping paper, too. Unfortunately, the closest location is Chicago :( $8.50 for shipping sucks. Maybe JD will swing by and pick it up during his bachelor party in Chi-town?? (Side note to loving fiance: Don't worry, I wouldn't ask you to do that :-P)

    If you see any cute animal print office supplies (folders, notebooks, rugs, storage containers, stationary, etc.) at reasonable prices, leave me a comment! Only 31 days 'til school starts!

    Omg...mini-freak out going on here...31 days....ahh!

    (5) Reading
    I just finished Emily Griffin's Something Blue. I read it in 3-4 sittings because it is that good. I enjoyed Something Borrowed just a tad bit more...maybe because it had more suspense. As soon as I read the last page, I jumped in my library's website and put the next book (Baby Proof) on hold. So excited to get my hands on it!

    Here's to a wonderful week!
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