let me get you caught up....

    First of all, I'd like to apologize for my week-long blogging hiatus. I made an unplanned trip to Ohio to my uncle's funeral last week. He passed away from cancer after being diagnosed for less than a month. It was a blessing for his family to have him around for his daughter's wedding, even if the news of his diagnosis saddened the event somewhat. Please keep my aunt and cousins in your prayers as they deal with this loss.

    I stayed at my parents' house for a week. [Very poor excuse for not blogging: A few years ago they upgraded from dial-up internet to Verizon's broadband service. However, this is still not as wonderful and fast as the wireless, high-speed I get in my apartment. I dislike using Blogger on their computer, so no blogging got done.]

     JD also traveled home for a couple of days and we were able to see a close family friend of his get married :)

    (Pictures taken from JD's sister's Facebook because I was lazy and didn't take a single one)

    waiting for the bride.

    such a cute shot of them walking away.

    at the reception :)

    We're next! Almost. JD and I still have ONE MORE wedding to attend before our own big day! I spent last week working on wedding stuff with my mom. What really got me excited was putting together some invitations. We stuffed a few envelopes and seeing the final product made me want to send them out right now! 

    We also created a "prototype" pew decoration. We're My mom is going to make 9 more of these to hang on the ends of the pews in the church.


    The cone is made out of poster board and then wrapped in shiny wrapping paper. There is a slight "swirl" patten that doesn't show up in the picture. The ribbon and the silk flower bouquet are from Jo-Anns. Holes were punched on either side of the cone and the ribbon was tied and kept in place with a shiny heart shaped button (not seen in picture). We are very proud of this masterpiece! I'm not sure what the total cost turned out to be, but it was cheap and it goes with the fall theme perfectly, so I'm happy!

    I'm slowing getting back into the my blogging routine, so bear with me as I catch up on all your posts and comment on things that you wrote a week ago!
    I'll leave you with a funny video and an inspirational quote:


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