my list obession.

    I love them. 
    I make at least one a day and have been known to write "Make another To-Do List" on my To-Do List. When starting a list, I like to think from the very beginning. For example, in college if I would start a project and then go back and make a list of things that needed to be done for it, I would write down the things I had already completed...just so I could cross them off and feel accomplished. I'm also a very visual person so I enjoy seeing what needs to be done. It helps me prioritize and use my time wisely.

    Although To-Do lists are my favorite kind (nerd alert- seriously, who has a favorite type of list??), I take pleasure in making all kinds. Lists for packing, addresses, birthdays, groceries, outlines, guest lists, rosters, pros and cons, and lists of lists, such as this one:
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    My lists are usually organized with bullets of some sort. I use numbers, dashes, dots, indentation, columns, color coding, etc. Writing utensils are either pens, pencils, or Sharpies. Several varieties of paper are also used. Lined, non-lined, Post-Its, monthly, weekly, and daily calendars, and occasionally computer documents (usually for long-term goals). I almost always cross of completed items and sometimes highlight the most important ones.

    This picture has given me yet another idea for list organization...

    Not only do I like to make lists, but I find reading them entertaining, too. TV shows that count down music videos, the best beaches, or the most beautiful Hollywood stars always reel me in. I just found this website and have a feeling I'll be spending quite a bit of time on it in the near future.

    I often make a list and then misplace it, run out of space on the paper, or decide a want a more or less (usually more) detailed list so I abandon that one and start over. So, I decided I need list templates. I found the following "home organization" printables on Pinterest. 

    Find these (under 'household notebook') and many more at:

     Find a couple different versions of "The Plan of Attack" here:

    I created a very simple (no graphics, colors, or cute little boxes to check) version for myself and plan on using it immediately! The best tip I got from the above websites was to go ahead and write in the tasks you do every day so you don't have to remember to add them to the list every time. I put x's beside the tasks that need done multiple times a week. This way, I can cross off each x as I go.

    Vocab lesson: "Noms" translates to "Food". A more sophisticated person may label that section "Meal Plans", "Menu", or "Groceries". Obviously, that person is not me.

    Divide your daily life into categories and make some lists! I swear it's tons of fun :)


    p.s.- Pictures without links came from Google image search. except for the last one. that beautiful list template is mine.
    p.p.s- This post contains a clue to some BIG NEWS that will be revealed later this week!! Take a look at my personal list template. I am not a student, so the "school" category could only mean one thing..... :)

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