Pinterest {Seriously, what else would I blog about on Wednesday?}

    It's wedding week! Yesterday was a whirlwind of planning 4 days for a sub and coaching a volleyball game (which we won btw; SO proud of how my girls have done this season). Today JD and I are headed to Buckeye Nation. For the next couple of days, we'll be hanging out with our families and doing some last minute planning. Then, we tie the knot on Saturday :) Yay!

    I've been a bad blogger lately, but today I'm going to share items from everyone's favorite website, Pinterest. That will make you forgive me, right?
    I thought so.

    Fall Foods
    Caramel Apple Crisp

    Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese- GENIUS.

    Cowboy Casserole- made this a few nights ago and i LOVE it. One small change to the recipe via Pinterest...use sausage instead of ground beef. I think it gives it more flavor.

    Cheesy Chicken and Rice 

    Chicken Chili

    Stuffed Chicken

    Obvi I'm a meat lover. Sorry all you veggies out there :) 

    Click here to see my "I Eat" Pin board and get all these fab recipes.

    You can bet wedding pictures will find their way on here after the big day. Probably a few days after the big day. But they WILL get here. 

    Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!


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