12 days.

    Miscellany Monday @lowercase letters
     I haven't linked up with anyone in quite some time (truly a shocker, I know). I decided that since my life is a crazy jumble of work, wedding, and trying to stay sane, Miscellany Monday would be the perfect jump back into the blog world. I'm hoping to actually get more than 1 post in this week. We'll see.

    (1) JD and I finally got our programs exactly the way we want them. I have a love-hate relationship with Microsoft Word so after messing with these things for months, I gave in . Tiny spacing issues aren't going to ruin my big day. The designs may not be centered perfectly and each program may have slightly different margins, but we will still be married! That last part is going to be my mantra for the next 12 days. 12 days! whaaaaaaaat? INSANE.

    Here is a picture of the crossword puzzle we created so people have something to do while they wait for the ceremony to start.
    The title is "How well do you know the bride and groom?" And a few of the questions are
    "The couples' is named Bert"
    "Sarah's college major"
    "Restaurant where JD took Sarah on their first date."
    "Technical color the bridesmaids' dresses; a wine punch"

    Do you know any answers??

    I know I've blogged about these 4 things before :)
    (2) Today marks the 12th day of school. Wow, 12 is the magic number. Maybe I'll find $12 dollars today. Or magically lose 12 lbs....after the wedding because my dress is form fitting ;-) Maybe I'll be 12 minutes early for everything so I can relax a little bit. Rush, rush, rush has been my life lately. 
    I digress....
    School is going well, despite the feeling I have of going in fast-forward. With school plus volleyball, I'm away from home for 12 hours (yes, there's that magic number again). Then I make and eat dinner and I'm dead to the world by 8:30. ha! If I can get a handle on prepping for 3 classes and 1 practice every day, I may have time to actually sit down at work, too. 
    All complaining aside, I'm enjoying my job and I'm thankful to be employed!!

    (3) Wednesday= new The Middle and new Modern Family. 
    Then, Thursday= new Grey's Anatomy. 
    Oh, and if you watched The Emmy's last night, I'm sure you saw how super awesome Modern Family did. Well, I went to bed before the awards were over, but they won the first 4 in a row! How did the rest of the night go??

    Ok, I need to get myself together and head out. I wish everyone a happy Monday (and a fabulous week if I don't get to posting again)!


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