It's OK!

    Its Ok Thursdays

    It's OK....

    ....that I just made a list of chores for JD to do after work and it included everything that needs to be done. That's right- I didn't leave anything for me. He gets home earlier than I do...he can use that time wisely :-P

    ....that I use my teacher talk around the house (and on the blog- see above).

    ....that as much as I'm excited to be a full time classroom teacher, I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. Every year on the first day of school (kindergarten-college) I would have a hard time sleeping the night before and jump out of bed right when my alarm went off. Not today, folks. 

    ....that I've already decided I'm not coaching volleyball next year. I love the game, but the additional planning and time is too much. Maybe I'll pick it up again in a few years.

    ....that I wrote "It was good to see you last week!" on Thank You Notes to people that I saw TWO weeks ago. Oops. Apparently I blocked out a few days in my mind.

    ....that I still have copies to make for my 3rd and 4th period classes. At first I was worried about being judged like "Ohhh, the new teacher isn't prepared.", but I'm over that. I was at school every single day this week working on stuff so if people think that they can just shove it.

    ....that I tell people to "shove it" in my thoughts. 

    Have a fabulous Monday everyone!! 

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