Scarlet 'n Gray

    I'm sure some all of you are getting sick of hearing me talk about my Ohio State Buckeyes. The state that's round on the end and high in the middle has gotten some bad press recently. First the football players and coach, then Casey Anthony showing up there and sporting a block O baseball cap. However, I still love my state and team :) So of course I was excited to find the "Show Us Your Team" link up at Running Down a Dream AND to see that the Friday's Fancies (over at {long distance loving}) theme was red!
    Perfect combo.
    Sporting scarlet and gray makes me proud, but is almost dangerous here in Badgerland, although I should be thankful we don't live in Ann Arbor.
    JD wore an OSU t-shirt downtown a few days ago and we suddenly here "O-H!". We immediately look around and try to find who we need to direct our "I-O!" to. An older couple walking the other direction waved at us and the guy pointed to his own OSU t-shirt. Their daughter had attended UW and they were just visiting the city. The woman commented that they usually try not to yell that so loud around here- gotta be careful showing your Buckeye pride around these parts :)

    I'm loving the warm days (no humidity- yay!!) and cool evenings we've been having around here lately. It gets me in the back-to-school mood, which in turn ramps up my school/team spirit! Although I didn't attend OSU, simply being a central Ohian is enough :) Here is what I would love to wear to tailgate or attend a family cook out before all sitting down to watch the game together (ahh, to be back in Ohio again...):


    Tailgating by sarahchristine
    Btw, OF COURSE those are chocolate and peanut butter "buckeyes" included in my outfit. Delicious.
    As always, if you like my outfit- click on the button below and give it a thumbs up :) I'm entry #16.

     And in the spirit of sharing my team with you (for the thousandth time, I know...), here are some pictures:
     ha! love it. via pinterest.

     My first game. 2009 vs. New Mexico State. That's right people, I didn't go to a game until my senior year of college. Sad, but true.

     Best damn band in the land!

     Does this face look familiar? It may if you are a Cowboys, Rams, Dolphins, or Lions fan. As the caption states, this is Bobby Carpenter- most recently a linebacker for the Lions and a former Buckeye! Not only did Carpenter play for Ohio State, but he's from my hometown. Because the small towns of Ohio don't always line up with the school district boundaries (anybody else from small towns around the nation understand what I'm saying here?), Bobby was from my town, but we didn't attend the same high school. I did however, participate in the same winter swim leagues as him, his brothers, and had his mom as a coach :) In case you were wondering, his entire family is beastly, just like him.

    As far as the NFL goes...I'm not a die hard fan of anybody. That being said, I will defend the Brownies til the end. Ohio isn't all that lucky in the world of professional sports (thanks, Lebron), but the fans don't seem to care. I have family from Cleveland so I guess that's why my relatives and I cheer for them. And I heartily dislike Bengals fans. Dey could not get more annoying. (5 points to whoever got that reference). These annoying fans unfortunately include my precious, JD.

    I've participated in Fantasy Football leagues and I've filled out my share of March Madness brackets. However, being the typical girl I am, I rate teams and players based on looks, colors, and mascots. True story. I must say this isn't a bad way to go...I never end up last. That being said, I've always been a fan of Brett Favre. I agree that he needs to call it quits for real here soon...but I can't blame him for staying in the game (literally). And he's one of the best looking 41 year old men I've ever seen.

    Being a fan of Brett Favre automatically made me interested in the Packers. And, in the past year I've been given legit reasons to cheer for them. (ONE) I moved to Wisconsin. (TWO) A guy I went to high school with was drafted for them and played in a few games last season!
    Tommy Crabtree was a senior when I was a freshman. He played college ball at Miami of Ohio and had his first season in the NFL last year.
     Go #83! Bloom-Carroll High School REPRESENT :)

    Ok, this is a long post and I'm tired. I truly appreciate your dedication if you're still reading.


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