Cosmo says so.

    10 of the 50 things that Cosmo says we should have never stopped doing:
    Cosmopolitan magazine, July 2011

    1. Listening to the Spice Girls
    YES. Which is why I created a Spice Girls station on Pandora and am sharing this video with you now. It takes me back to 5th grade....
    2. Taking naps
    I took naps as a small child and occasionally on the weekends throughout middle and high school. Then, I practically minored in napping in college. On several occasions I would go to class until 11 or noon and then sleep until dinner. Good times.
    Yes, that's your's truly zonked out during dinner.

    3. Going to an all-night diner and ordering the so-bad-for-you-it's-good pancake bonanza.
    This is another college memory. I've shared my love of Waffle House before. If you've ever been to Waffle House, you know 2 things about it. One, the dirtier the restaurant, the better the food. And, two, it's more fun between the hours of 11pm and 3am. It also helps if you've been drinking, but their chocolate chip waffles are heaven any time. 

    4. Designing the cover of mix CD with a Sharpie.
    I'm not sure I ever did this myself, but I did receive several from friends and boyfriends. I love Sharpies. I think I'll do decorate something with Sharpies now.
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    5. Flip cup-- if you had room for it in your dorm, you have room for it now.
     I am not a beer drinker, so I have never participated in flip cup. I have, however, played 2 wonderful games called 2 Man and Signs. Google them. Play them. You will not be sorry.
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    6. Dressing festively for the Fourth of July (and Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, etc.)
    I remember saving up money for costumes and other festive garments in college. I currently don't have the money to spend in ridiculous holiday outfits, but I wish I did.
    7. Drinking chocolate milk.
    Duh. That shiz is delicious.
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    8. Sleepovers!
     Sleeping bags. Truth or Dare. Gossiping. Secrets. Giggling. Music. Dancing. Nail painting. AIM. 
    Enough said.
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    9. Instituting Taco Tuesdays, Pizza Thursdays, etc.
     I never really did this. But I do recall the news of the one-day comeback of our college's infamous chicken patties spreading across campus very quickly. I also vividly remember the pasta bar and fried ravioli evenings. Yum!

    10.Writing mushy, where-are-you-now? letters to your future self.
    My 6th grade class wrote these and then opened them senior year before we graduated. After the initial shock of embarrassment, we all laughed about them. I may just have to do that again...and include the URL to this little ole blog in case I ever forget about it. 
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    So, there you have it- my 10 picks from Cosmo's list of 50 things we should have never stopped doing. 
    Do you agree?
    What else would you add?

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