Friday's Fancies

    It was hot hot HOT here in Madison earlier this week! Tuesday's high was 94! [Since then it's cooled down a bit- but I wouldn't know because I'm in Ohio :) ] After below zero temperatures this past winter, I can't complain about the heat....but easing into summer would have been nice :-P 
    Here's what I would like to wear on nice summer day...possibly while browsing shops downtown and eating lunch outdoors at a cafe.

    Dress: Theory Yellow Gold Tylie Intellect Maxi Dress, $536,
    I usually don't go for maxi dresses, because they're a little too short (hitting my lower calves instead of my ankles). However, I love this one- the color, the gathering in the bust area, and it's plain- no crazy pattern going on.

    Belt: Jessica Simpson- 23100286 (Chocolate)-Accessories, $42,
    As I've said before, I love useless belts. And I think this wide one emphasizes the waist in the dress.

    Hat: Juicy Couture Stripe Floppy Paper Straw Hat, $78,
    Again, in real life this item is not for me. I don't wear hats often ever. I'm not sure why, I just never got into them. However, when I saw how perfectly this hat matched the wedges, I had to add it to the set.

    Purse: Whiting and Davis King Snake Foldover Clutch, $263,
    {av} at {long distance loving} is hosting an amazing giveaway! Enter to win a handbag from Whiting and Davis :)

    Shoes: Paloma Barceló Natalia suede espadrille wedges, $270,
    I think the coral color compliments the dress. And they're wedges. Double win.

    Sunscreen: Clinique 'Sun' Body Cream SPF 50, $21,
    Gotta protect the skin. This is probably the most expensive sunscreen I've ever seen, though.

    Ring: Beach Stone Diamond Ring, $20,
    Big rings are my new favorite trend. This one matches the accessories color scheme (brown) and I love the swirly pattern!

    Earrings: Jeweled Feathers Earring, $15,
    Price wise, I would actually buy these earrings...but I haven't yet been brave enough to rock feathers. These don't seem too long (or a bright neon color) so I may have to try them out.

    Sunglasses: Tom Ford Brown Rhonda, $350,
    I love big sunglasses! I don't care if I look like a bug.

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