bedroom decor.

    Living in this small apartment with no extra money for decorating, leaves me mentally designing my dream future home :) Currently, our bedroom has off-white walls, brown furniture, and a reversible comforter with solid colors on both sides (tan and light blue). BOR-RING. I spiced it up a bit by painting this quote above our headboard:

    JD and I registered for a gray bedspread, navy blue sheets, and a super cute monogrammed toss pillow from BB&B:
    Still rather, boring, I know! We are not into intricate patterns or crazy colors (although the accent color in my kitchen is lime green...), but I'd like to add a little more detail to our future bedroom. First, I need to pick a 3rd color. I'm thinking yellow or another shade of blue (teal, robin's egg, royal?).

    I snagged these pics from decorpad for inspiration :)

    Interesting backdrop. And I love the yellow side tables!

    I don't know how I feel about walls that dark, but I love the hanging lights.

    Love, love, love the headboard and footboard.

    This was actually labeled "older boy's room" on decorpad. I chose it because I like the little reading area and the blinds. If I haven't said it before, I have a thing for stripes.

    This one is a little more whimsical looking....lots of natural light, softer colors, modern furniture.

    I love the black-and-white & yellow-and-gray combos going on here. The zebra rug is a yes for me, but probably no for JD. The subtle pattern on the wall looks interesting, too.

    As you can see, my style includes:
    clean lines
    solid colors
    patterns only in moderation
    classic or modern furniture (Weird that I can love both?)

    Up next, my plans for our violet and lilac bathroom!

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