Wish I Was Here Wednesday


    I just love link-ups! Hopefully I'll be able to resist the urge to join each one I find, but right now it looks like I may have one in every single post! Today, I've linked to "Wish I Was Here Wednesday" with Olivia at For Me. I've been researching honeymoon destinations, so this is the perfect place to share not only where I want to be for a future vacation, but where I'd like to be hanging out right about now....
    This=major fun. The only two stipulations I have for my honeymoon are: beach and SWIM UP BAR. The fact that it's tiki-style and has a slide next to it only add to it's awesome-ness. Hold on to your hats, because this next picture will blow your mind (well, maybe not, but it sure got me excited)...
    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that IS a swim up BARBEQUE.
    Both of these pictures are from Arizona Falls in Las Vegas, which unfortunately is not a resort but a company that designs and builds these backyard oases!
    So, let me specify, I do NOT want to be in these peoples' backyards, but I would like an Arizona Falls creation of my own :)

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