Second Post!

    Eventually I'll stop counting my posts, I promise.

    I'm almost done with my 101 in 1001 list- only 6 more goals to come up with! One of my goals is to visit 3 new states: Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Moving to Wisconsin has brought JD and I further West and we want to capitalize on our new location. In November we took a day trip to the Mall of America in Minneapolis. If we still lived in central Ohio we probably never would have made it there because the drive would be about 15 hours! We have yet to decide what exactly we want to see in these 3 states, but finding tourist attractions and planning our mini vacations should be a blast :)

    Of course thinking about visiting new states made me think about the ones I've already visited. My list is fairly short, but I'm only counting states that I've been to for a purpose. Meaning, I'm not counting states that I've driven through. This will make adding new states to my map (see below) more meaningful and challenging. I'm also making a list of reasons why I was in each state or what I did there.

     There we go! Although these states are not on my 101 in 1001 list (because I don't think I'll have the opportunity to travel this far in the next couple years), here are states I am dying to visit: California, Louisiana, and Texas. Our honeymoon destination is still up in the air, so mayyyyybe JD will agree to vacation in SoCal for a week or so :)

    Speaking of honeymoons, we are planning on taking a mini-getaway after the wedding. Since JD has to get back to work (and hopefully I will have a job to get back to, also!), we are postponing our actually honeymoon until June or July 2012. Our mini-vaca will take place in Northern Illinois at Hickory Hideaway.
    We're hoping to do a little of this....
     Some of this...
    And a whole lot of this...

    I'm also liking the idea of s'mores- yum!

    Happy Tuesday :)

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