current book(s):
    Lone Wolf-- previewing it for my 7th graders
    current playlist: the radio. one good thing about my early 30 minute commute is the 104.1 morning show.
    current nail color: none. hoping to do a sparkly white for Christmas.
    current food: leftover Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan
    current favorite show(s): 

    How I Met Your Mother. JD and I are on Season 6 now and we're obsessed.
    current needs: A longer winter break. Today was the first day and I just KNOW it's going to go too fast.
    current triumph(s): Not taking a nap today. ha.
    current bane(s) of my existence: Calories. Why is delicious food fattening??
    current celebrity crush: 

    Ryan Gosling. Watched The Notebook about a week ago and was reminded about adorable he is.
    current #1 blessing: My wonderful husband. He makes me thankful for our life together every day.
    current indulgence: Christmas candy from my students!
    current outfit: moccasins, old college t-shirt, and sweatshorts. Classy.
    current excitement: JD and I are heading home for the holidays today!
    current mood: Relaxed- for once.
    current favorite holiday decoration: the Christmas cards we've gotten. I hung them up in our kitchen.
    current #1 item on your wishlist: 

    iPhone. Which we'll be picking up in the next couple of days!
    current new year's resolution:
    Hmm, I haven't even thought about this yet. Maybe to stress less? That's not a very measurable goal, though.

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